This webcam is located in my home office, and is set up purely because it was an interesting challenge to do it. The camera (an old Connectix Color QuickCam 2) is attached directly to the machine that served this page to you, my Linux-based web server, and aimed out the nearby window. Not the most exciting viewpoint, but it gives me a view similar to what I see when I'm in the office. At night, if I have the lights on in my office, you can sometimes catch a reflection of me in the window. Like the first-ever webcam (monitoring the coffee maker at Cambridge University in England) it allows me to see what's going on in one location while I'm in another. I even happened to catch the UPS guy coming to the front door once, so I knew even before their online tracking system did that a package I'd ordered had arrived.
The other webcam is located in my office at the college. It's a Logitech QuickCam VC, attached to a Windows 2000 box, and aimed at the Macintosh SE that I converted to an aquarium. The fantail goldfish you'll see there are called Point (the smaller one with the white belly) and Click (with a crook in his left tailfin). Logitech does a piss-poor job with support for their cams, so there are no Win2K-tested drivers available for this camera (which isn't all that old), so it tends to stop working. Apologies if the picture you see isn't current.