Friday, 14th August 2009; 1:08 pm - Location:

I’m at a crossroads, so to speak. I have to decide whether to continue the trip as planned or to ride on to Manitowoc today and catch the ferry a day early. What prompts this is mostly the fact that I’ve seen everything I wanted to see, and the road ahead just doesn’t look interesting enough to spend 2.5 whole days on. I’m also coming down with a cold, which could also cut down on the enjoyment of being on the road. The ride from Munising to Escanaba (where I am now) was… mostly unremarkable. On the other hand, Manitowoc is another 150 miles from here. That’s 5 hours of riding yet today, and it’s 1pm. The only hard deadline is the ferry departure after midnight. Realistically I want to get to the city before nightfall around 9:30. (I’m pretending everything is on Eastern time.) I can put off a decision until I get to the planned campground for tonight.

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