Evening along the St Clair

Tuesday, 20th July 2010; 10:26 pm - Location:

Dinner was at Snoopy’s Dog House in Algonac. I looked for a standard restaurant, really I did. But I didn’t see any other (still in business) local places on the main road, this place advertised “home cooking”, plus there was the “Welcome Bikers” sign. 🙂 It was basically a bar with a grill in the corner. So I needed to have a beer with my Snoopy Burger (prefab beef patty, with bacon, mushrooms, fried onions, and nacho cheese). I managed. 😀 Not a very healthy meal, but I’ve been a good boy On this trip, so I figure it’s OK.

None of the campgrounds I’ve been to has been full. Most have been fairly close to capacity, which means I didn’t really need a reservation, but doing so ensured I got a site to my liking. Sleeper was a little more than half full, with a few sites near mine empty, so I would have been OK there. Algonac, on the other hand, makes me feel a little silly having a reservation. It’s really two campgrounds: one across the street from the river with only token trees, the other back in the woods. I went for the woods. The open campground looks maybe half full, mostly toward the river. The wooded one is nearly vacant; there is not another camper within sight of me (note: there’s a lot of trees and bushes). Which is kinda nice, actually. I suppose it’s more crowded on the weekend, but despite being so close to Detroit, I think it counts as an out-of-the way secret.

One thing I knew to expect with the wooded site is bugs. However, I may have misunderestimated the level of bugs in a wooded site so close to so much water. Most campgrounds on this trip I’ve been OK in dusk or dark with some bug dope, a hat, long pants/sleeves, and a little swatting. But these bugs are hardcore. They may not actually land and bite where I’ve applied insect repellent, but the ear-buzzing gets maddening. So I had no choice but to get in the tent, at only 9:30. I’m secure inside, but the bzzzzz on the other side of that nylon fabric reminds me of Isle Royale (and not in a good way).

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