Sunday, 9th August 2009; 7:40 pm - Location:

I’ve stopped in Leland (on the Leelanau Peninsula north of Sleeping Bear) for dinner. I stop this long with a little trepidation, because there’s a hint of rain in the air, and I probably have another half hour on the road before I reach the state park at the tip of the peninsula. It’s actually getting cold along the Lakeshore, and the campground will be surrounded on three sides by water. And to think I was worrying about it being too hot to sleep tonight.

I filled up the scooter in Glen Arbor (still in Sleeping Bear territory), being unsure where I’d find gas on the peninsula. The gas station has a Genuine RoughHouse on display for rent, from the Genuine dealer in Frankfort. I haven’t noticed a gas station since then (except here in Leland of course), so it was a smart move.

I’m eating at the Bluebird Tavern, which I’d vaguely remembered (not by name) from being in Leland to catch the ferry to North Manitou Island a couple times before. It’s part of a complex that includes the Early Bird (breakfast only) and a more formal and expensive dining room. I’m having fish & chips and a beer. I thought about picking up a bottle of local wine, but the challenge of where to keep it until it’s finished, combined with the fact that I don’t have a corkscrew, persuaded me not to. Leelanau wines aren’t hard to find back home, after all.

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