Made it to Manitowoc

Thursday, 23rd July 2015; 9:15 pm

Once again, I’ve found myself racing the sunset on my way into Manitowoc. Not that I’m in a hurry – I have nearly five hours before my boat leaves – but I don’t like riding unfamiliar roads after dark… especially because it makes it harder to read street signs. 

I actually made it here a little earlier than the previous two times. Chalk it up to better planning and a shorter distance to ride today: well under 200 miles. Even so, it was an elapsed time of 12 hours (including over an hour on the Washington Island ferry, and lots and lots of stops to stretch my legs and relieve my saddle-sore butt).
I’ll post more later; I put off having supper, knowing that I’d have time to kill here, so it’s time to do that. 

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