Orchard Beach State Park

Wednesday, 12th June 2013; 8:19 am

A dry and uneventful night last night. The sleeping pad is still airtight. It was a bit cold, so I wrapped my head up in my sleeping bag, which is how I slept in until 7:30; it still seemed dark to me.

In the extended forecasts today was the one day with a 0% chance if rain, and it’s sunny this morning. So of course rain is now almost certain. There’s a line of rain moving diagonally to the SE which I might be able to slip through as I ride south. But not the huge glob of yellow and red that’s creeping along south of it. It’s hard to judge how long it will take to hit Grand Rapids on this small screen, but I’m not taking chances. I’m breaking camp and hitting the road, and don’t plan to stop and smell the roses, spare the horses, or any such clichés.


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