11 days until 11 days

Sunday, 6th July 2014; 11:24 pm

I’ll be departing in 11 days on my 11-day expedition to the western UP.  Which puts it in perspective, I guess.

It’s kind of a long time to be gone from home.  The standard modern American vacation is 7 days, and I’m padding an extra weekend and another day on either end of it. It’s the longest scooter (and hiking) trip I’ve taken.

But I’ve done trips this long – and longer – before.  My most recent visit to Isle Royale (in 2006) was equally long, spending 9 nights on the island, plus a day before and after driving to and from by car.  About 20 years ago I spent a similar amount of time visiting Iceland and London, and I took a couple of shorter trips to Europe in those days as well.  Which is to say nothing of the month I spent traveling around western Europe in 1986, before spending a three-month term at the University of Aberdeen, or the 5+ weeks Adam Pinsky and I spent traveling by bicycle (and train) around the UK three years before.

But of course those were different times for me.  In the 1980s I was a student, with my parents taking responsibility for the few aspects of my life that needed tending to while I was gone.  In the 1990s I was still young and carefree enough to trust that all would be well, just as I left it, when I returned.  Nowadays, life is stressful, and taking a break from it… is stressful as well.  I need to arrange for things to be done at work in my absence, I need to secure the house, I need to set up the web and mail servers to operate without me, et cetera.

It’s trouble.

But it’s worth it.

Because for 11 days, I’ll be able to leave it all behind. I’ll still be facing challenges: dealing with hundreds of miles of unfamiliar roads, unpredictable weather, and so on. But they’ll be different kinds of problems, and the problems I leave behind (for 11 days) will all be too far out of reach to even think about.

I just need to get through 11 more days first.

2 Responses to “11 days until 11 days”

  1. Taj says:

    Looking forward to your adventure this summer and bonus days of your writing with the trip being longer! Adam and I live near each other and we finally saw each other. Your trip together came up in conversation. David H was here with his family and Tobi K flew up. Mini reunion.

  2. Todd says:

    Sounds like a fun get-together!

    Keep in mind that I won’t be posting anything for the days on Isle Royale: even the maps that brag about cell-phone coverage don’t claim to include it, so I’ll be offline for those days.