Saturday, 26th July 2014; 7:14 pm

As I predicted, the afternoon was more “efficient” than the morning. But not too efficient. I was essentially just following the turn-by-turn directions printed from the route I worked out a couple months ago. When I saw “turn onto WI-55, go 58 miles” my heart sank. Sure, simple is nice, but over an hour on the highway (especially with a strong crosswind) sounded tiresome. But WI-55 turned out to be a small highway, running through state forest and native territory, and actually pretty nice. And for almost 60 miles.

Aside from the wind, the weather has been beautiful, with partial clouds and temps around 80F. (A little warm is nice at 50mph.) Tomorrow is still looking wet here, reinforcing my decision to leave now. (Looks like a chance of rain in Michigan tomorrow, but I might get home before it starts.)

Because I’m coming for the northwest rather than down the coast, I decided to go around Green Bay, instead going down to Appleton, then cutting over to the lake. I’ve stopped at a nice sandwich place here of supper.

I actually got this far too quickly; the Badger doesn’t leave for another seven hours, and it’ll take me well under two hours to get to Manitowoc from here.

One Response to “Appleton”

  1. MOM says:

    Gotcha on the WI map. Enjoy the boat ride and some sleep on it.