Beek’s Bar & Grille

Tuesday, 16th August 2011; 7:47 pm

After checking in to the Motel 6 {sigh} I rode in to Monroe itself for dinner. Of course I got lost right away. But I managed to find my way back to the designated Street Where Stores And Such Are Still In Business, and saw the place I needed to go for dinner. It said so on the sign: Beek’s Bar and Grille. For those who don’t know me from my early college years, that was my name then (sometimes extended to “Beeker”). One or two of you might know that I cohosted a college radio program called “Beeker & Rottin’s Bar & Grille”.

Combined with the fact that I needed both food and a drink, this was about as clear a sign as I needed. OK, it’s basically a sports bar, with little TVs at each table, and a row of them above the bar, and 2/3 of the patrons are wearing shirts with big numbers on the back. So it’s not exactly “my” kind of place. But they have Molson on tap, and a nice-sounding chicken Philly sandwich on the menu, so who cares what’s on the TV?


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