My tent is gone

Tuesday, 16th August 2011; 5:19 pm

I’ve arrived at Sterling State Park and my tent is gone. I know I had it at lunch, so it must have either fallen off or been taken off at one of the various places I stopped for a while and left the bike out of my sight. For the tent to just slide off (bungeed/tied down) is pretty damn unlikely. but I never left it alone for very long either. Who knows.

At this point I just don’t know what to do. There just isn’t enough daylight left to get home from here. I guess I find a motel here and ride home tomorrow.

[profanity deleted]

3 Responses to “My tent is gone”

  1. Mike says:

    I am sorry to hear that. Could u buy a tent around there??

  2. Todd says:

    It’s not worth the trouble at this point. I only had two more nights of camping planned, so I’d rather just end the trip and go home. I’ll find a tent to replace it later.

  3. carl says:

    Worse things could happen, but I am sure its frustrating.

    Cheap motels offer some solace.

    You will probably be able to get a replacement on sale at the end of the season!