Day rides in 2017

Thursday, 24th August 2017; 9:40 am

When I got it into my head to ride the scooter down through Indiana to Kentucky for the eclipse, I set aside my plans for doing day rides around here. After canceling the scooter part of the eclipse trip, I’m back to planning to do a couple more rides. You know… MI way: in Michigan.

The next ride will be northward, probably to up around Idlewild and back. Then I may try doing a two-day ride, and spend some daytime at Ludington State Park (where I’ve usually just spent the night), but I’d have to coordinate that with the new job. (It’s only 20 hours a week, but not on my own schedule.)

(There’s also another eclipse coming in seven years. This one will pass closer to home – northwest Ohio – which should be easily reachable by scooter.)

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