Night: the real kind

Tuesday, 22nd August 2017; 10:10 am

Clouds started to develop as the afternoon progressed.  I noticed a few drops here and there, but not rain yet. Tha last forecast I checked (shoulda done that one of the times I had a cell signal) said rain was likely to start shortly after dawn. I’ll prepare the camp for rain – really easy with a car – just in case. 

The temperature has cooled since this afternoon, enough that I expect I’ll need to crawl into the sleeping bag sooner than last night. I took a shower to clean off, but it was too hot to cool me off, so I’m back to sitting at the campsite with my shirt off, waiting to stop sweating. 

As for tomorrow: I’ll wake up, put on clothes, pack the tent, and hit the road. If it’s raining I’ll just throw the tent in the car instead. 

I do have to say that car camping has definite advantages over scooter camping. Instead of a tiny space under the seat that’s nature-proof, the whole car is. And you can toss in almost anything you might need… such as a bicycle (which I’ve used twice) or a gallon of spare gas (which I haven’t). And the main reason I brought the car: weatherproof travel tomorrow. 

An owl just hooted, then flew overhead. Just barely saw it in the gloom. It’s only 8pm local time, but that’s because they’re on Central. I’m about ready for an early bed, and an early start tomorrow. 

And at 8:45 Central, I hear thunder and it starts to sprinkle. 

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