Disturbance at the heron house

Sunday, 12th July 2009; 7:04 am - Location:

A somewhat exciting night at the campground last night. Shortly before midnight a police cruiser shows up (which has the welcome side effect of silencing the drunks). Then a fire paramedic unit. Then a park ranger. And finally an ambulance. I heard one camper inform another that the incident involved a woman with a hip replacement or dislocation or something.

LittleAppletonBut it was all over within an hour, and I slept as well as one can expect on a thin pad with a tiny pillow. This morning as I walked the campground one of the campers was already up. Or still. He was staggering around his site a little aimlessly. He offered me a beer which I might have welcomed last night, but not at this hour. Instead I explored Appleton and Little Appleton lakes.

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