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Disturbance at the heron house

Sunday, 12th July 2009; 7:04 am - Location:

A somewhat exciting night at the campground last night. Shortly before midnight a police cruiser shows up (which has the welcome side effect of silencing the drunks). Then a fire paramedic unit. Then a park ranger. And finally an ambulance. I heard one camper inform another that the incident involved a woman with a hip replacement or dislocation or something.

LittleAppletonBut it was all over within an hour, and I slept as well as one can expect on a thin pad with a tiny pillow. This morning as I walked the campground one of the campers was already up. Or still. He was staggering around his site a little aimlessly. He offered me a beer which I might have welcomed last night, but not at this hour. Instead I explored Appleton and Little Appleton lakes.

Comics meeting

Saturday, 11th July 2009; 10:37 pm - Location:

I just got back from the Michigan Comics Network meeting in Brighton. They were suitably impressed that I’d gotten there by scooter. I’d meant to stop and pick up a can of beer on the way back to campsite, but the small rural party store I’d noticed on the way was closed. On a Saturday night. Go figure. Too far back into town to find an alternative. The campground is a little noisy, presumably because several of my neighbors were better prepared.

Brighton rec area

Saturday, 11th July 2009; 4:39 pm - Location: , ,

I had an uneventful ride east. I stopped briefly in Saranac, and again in Lansing, but mostly just drove straight through.

The ride thru Lansing itself was pretty bleak: just a bunch of urban decay along Grand River Avenue. There’s an immediate change when it enters EAST Lansing, where suddenly you’re in a fairly vibrant university town with a thriving retail business district. But it wasn’t until well past metro Lansing that the traffic thinned out. I’m going to try riding around it on the way home.

I got a rustic campsite at Brighton Rec Area. I scouted out their other site, which is a little closer to Brighton, but that turned out to be a mistake. It was a long hilly dirt road, and also wet. I had to go slow and keep my feet out in case I slipped. It’d be faster and easier to get back to the rustic campground further out, near the day-use area. The site I got is nice enough, just off Appleton Lake.

Hell and recreation

Friday, 10th July 2009; 8:57 pm - Location: , ,

I’ve checked the Michigan State Parks reservation site, and the campground closest to Hell is full already this weekend. But Brighton State Recreation Area nearby still has openings (even for tonight), so that should work fine. In fact that should be a little better for getting back to the campsite after the Michigan Comics Network thing in Brighton Saturday night.

To Hell and back?

Sunday, 28th June 2009; 2:36 pm - Location: , ,

I could use another practice ride before the big one, and an interesting idea has occurred to me.

The Michigan Comics Network (a group of cartoonists and would-bes) is meeting in Brighton in the evening of Saturday July 11. Not far from there is the Pinckney State Recreation Area, which is just south of Hell, Michigan. I could ride to Hell, set up camp, then go to the MCN meeting. After that, spend the night at the campground, explore the area a little the next morning, then scoot home.

I’d get more travel practice, add four counties to my tally, travel to the meeting on less fuel, and get to visit Hell!