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Sunday, 12th July 2009; 8:40 am - Location: ,

I nearly met my maker this morning on the way to Hell. As I was leaving the dirt road and picking up speed on the paved road out of the recreation area, a great blue heron or sandhill crane suddenly flew into the air from the edge of the road in front of me. I was moving pretty fast, and so was the bird, so I didn’t get a very good look at it, but it had a wingspan of four or five feet. Hitting it wouldn’t have been good at all, for either of us.

I had breakfast in Purgatory… or rather at the McDonald’s in Pinckney. It’s decorated with a Hollywood theme for some reason, with little shrines in various corners to certain movies, especially those featuring heroic male leads. The Lord of the Rings was in front of me, with autographed stills and what is probably a replica Elven tunic behind glass. There’s a Star Wars shrine behind me, with an authenticated frame from The Empire Strikes Back and Yoda (again, a replica) in a glass case.

HellHell itself was… nice. Sorry. Apparently there was a Harley-rider convention there yesterday, so it’s probably best that I saved it for the trip back today. The following Sunday morning, it was… quiet. Of course I took photos of the handful of tourist gimmicks: the Dam Site Inn, the little wedding chapel behind Screams ice cream, etc. But wander a little ways from these and you see some rather pleasant lakes, the creek (with the dam)… all part of the reason there’s a state recreation area right next door.


Hell and recreation

Friday, 10th July 2009; 8:57 pm - Location: , ,

I’ve checked the Michigan State Parks reservation site, and the campground closest to Hell is full already this weekend. But Brighton State Recreation Area nearby still has openings (even for tonight), so that should work fine. In fact that should be a little better for getting back to the campsite after the Michigan Comics Network thing in Brighton Saturday night.

To Hell and back?

Sunday, 28th June 2009; 2:36 pm - Location: , ,

I could use another practice ride before the big one, and an interesting idea has occurred to me.

The Michigan Comics Network (a group of cartoonists and would-bes) is meeting in Brighton in the evening of Saturday July 11. Not far from there is the Pinckney State Recreation Area, which is just south of Hell, Michigan. I could ride to Hell, set up camp, then go to the MCN meeting. After that, spend the night at the campground, explore the area a little the next morning, then scoot home.

I’d get more travel practice, add four counties to my tally, travel to the meeting on less fuel, and get to visit Hell!