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A Superior Idea

Wednesday, 21st March 2018; 11:34 pm

I’ve been itching to get back on the road again, not just for day trips but for a serious excursion.

There’s a pretty good indie movie I saw a couple years ago, that’s been in the back of my mine. It’s about two friends who embark on a bicycle ride around Lake Superior, as one last adventure before their lives head in different directions. If they did it on crappy pedal bikes, surely I should be able to manage it on my scooter!

So I’ve been giving it the ol’ Google Maps treatment, checking to see if it’s feasible. The distance around the Lake is 1250 miles, longer if I take the kind of detours I am wont to take. (I’m torn over the additional day that would be required to head up the Keweenaw to Copper Harbor.) Which is on the long end of most of my road trips, but not by a lot. I could ride it in seven days without too much saddle fatigue.

The biggest catch is that seven days is just the time to ride around the Lake… not the time to get to the Lake. I’m pretty sure my boss will let me take a week off, but I don’t want to push it beyond that (especially since it’d be time off without pay). On previous rides, I’ve spent a full week just getting to the UP and back. Even the most direct route is 300 miles, which is farther than I’d want to ride in a single day… especially at the beginning/end of a week-long ride. So I’d need some kind of transportation to the UP.

There are other logistical matters I’d need to deal with, like my expired passport 🙁 and the fact that my iPhone doesn’t have service in Ontario. These are details.

So… I’m not committed to it. But I’m seriously considering it.