Dry start

Sunday, 10th June 2012; 8:32 am

In a dramatic break with tradition, it is not raining as I prepare to get underway! There isn’t a cloud in the sky, and they’re predicting a high of 90ºF. The heat shouldn’t be much of a problem, at least as long as I keep moving; my jacket is well ventilated, and my helmet is cool enough. The main bad news in today’s forecast is 10-15mph winds out of the south… and I’ll be riding almost due south all day. But this isn’t bad. It’s the 50% chance of rain late in the day Monday and then overnight that I’m not looking forward to, from a rain system currently creeping northward from Tennessee. We’ll see.

The scooter is fully packed, essentially the same arrangement as my previous trips: camping gear on the rear rack, clothes under the seat, reserve fuel and tools in the glove bucket, and quick-access stuff such as rain gear and camera and snacks in the bag that slings over my shoulder and rests on the seat behind me. The new tent lacks any better way to secure it to the scooter than the old one (and I’m not quite industrious enough to sew straps to the outside of the sack it stuffs into), but I’ve tied the drawstring to the rack, so if it does slide off… I’ll at least know about it.

Roughly 130 miles ahead of me for today. I’ll be heading east a little bit to get clear of the city and the busy north-south roads (US-131, M-37), then take country roads south through Hastings, Battle Creek (my best bet for lunch), Coldwater, then Pokagon. The first half of that is roughly the same as the first day of last year’s ride, but I’m deliberately taking a little more easterly route, to avoid repetition.

One Response to “Dry start”

  1. MOM says:

    Have a good trip! Nice day today, but I too have heard the weather report for Monday. Hope you stay dry. Love…………