Saturday, 15th August 2009; 10:27 am - Location:

The Badger arrived on schedule at 5:30am, about an hour before sunrise. I got Flash out of the hold (the tie-downs had worked), and scooted off into the pre-dawn darkness. I had a little trouble getting one of the tie-downs off; in wrapping it around the headset of the bike, I’d managed to tie it in a simple knot snug around the center pole, so I had to poke around to pull it loose. I didn’t wait for sun-up to get underway; I just headed home, by the same route I’d used to get to Ludington a week earlier. Although the forecast is for a hot day, it was foggy and chilly most of the way home. I stopped for gas, and to take a couple farmland-in-the-mist photos, but pretty much rode straight through.

Home was as I left it. Of course I knew the computer system was OK, because I’d been using it remotely. But it’s always nice to see for sure that mail delivery was suspended, the place hasn’t been burgled, I didn’t leave the toilet flushing, etc.

I’ll be going back through the blog, fixing tpyos, embellishing comments, and adding more photos (not just the lame iPhone snaps). And I’ll have some follow-up to come.

One Response to “Home”

  1. Charlie says:

    Welcome Back! Glad you made it home safely.