Wednesday, 17th August 2011; 1:23 pm

I made the mistake of going into downtown Jackson, since it was more direct than going around, and it seemed a reasonably good place to get lunch. It’s not that kind of downtown: too big a city. Just lots of one-way streets and traffic and frustration. At least half an hour wasted.

I finally just figured out which way was northwest, got myself on a road heading that way (stop and go traffic) and finally made it past the airport and over I-94. And there was a good place for lunch: Hudson’s Classic Grill, kind of a slightly upscale burger joint with car parts, a stuffed deer, and a tractor hanging from the ceiling.

Google Maps puts me 90 miles from home by the most direct route. That includes a long stretch on M50, which I have doubts about. That’s what I took out of Monroe, and it wasn’t bad, but… as a rule: beware of roads whose name starts with a letter and ends with a number. They’re fine as long as traffic is light enough that there aren’t cars and trucks pulling up behind you every couple minutes, and those that do pull up have a chance to pass quickly. But if not, you wind up with a bunch of angry drivers – some of whom are also complete morons – piled up behind you. Fortunately there are some other roads with better names that branch off M50 for long stretches in that direction, so I think they’ll work. I won’t be home before supper, but still plenty of time before dark.


2 Responses to “Jackson”

  1. Mom says:

    Sounds like you’ve decided to “shoot the state” and come home tonight. Maybe I should say “shoot across the state” so that it doesn’t sound threatening. No rain here in GR yet.

  2. Todd says:

    Yeah, when a trip is done, it’s done. Best to just get it over with.