Last night for 2012

Tuesday, 24th July 2012; 6:26 pm - Location:

It’s remarkably hard to get a bite to eat in this town. I first tried the Sanford Lake Bar & Grill, which is conveniently located on Sanford Lake, just a short distance down the street from the campground. But for some reason (I overheard someone leaving saying it was unusual) it was packed, with lots of people waiting for a seat. Because it’s Taco Night?

Anyway, I consulted the Internet, which suggested an inexpensive place in Sanford proper, about 4 miles away. Which I couldn’t get to because the main road through Sanford is under construction, sending me on a detour around the village to approach from the other side. I suppose Alex’s Railside family restaurant is a more wholesome atmosphere than that tavern. 😉

If you look at the map on the main page right now (it’ll change tomorrow night) you’ll see that the entire Lower Peninsula has been colored in, except for one county, right in the middle. That’s Isabella county, location of Mount Pleasant. I’ll be going through it tomorrow morning. Four years ago when a embarked on my first ride (along the Lake Michigan coast) this seemed like a faraway goal. Now it’s almost here.

Of course there are still eight counties in the western UP I haven’t been to (at least by scooter), so I’m not finished. I’ve mapped that trip out, and it’s definitely doable in a week, though just getting to the UP and back would add probably 3-4 days to it. That’s something to work out in the months to come.


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