Late lunch in Ludington

Thursday, 18th July 2013; 3:19 pm

The first time I rode to Ludington (in 2009), I followed the Lakeshore and stopped in every town along the way; that was kinda the point of the trip. This time I took a more direct route, without so many stops. So I’m here already at 3pm.

Since leaving Fremont, the scenery became less farmy and more woodsy. Some of it was familiar from previous rides north; I paused to check my map in the parking lot of the place I had lunch in June. I didn’t stop there for lunch (even though it was past noon) because I’d already decided to do a late lunch when I got to Ludington, before proceeding on to the state park north of town. I’d intended to pack my usual lunch of carrot sticks and apple wedges, but forgot. I’m also carrying a small stash of granola bars, so I subsisted on those until now.

Even though I’m not hugging the shoreline this time, I did end up doing the last 30 miles along the Lake, and found a beautiful residential ride I’d taken before, called Lakeshore Drive. A twisty route through the woods and cottages with glimpses of the Lake and and an inland lake on the other side. So much nicer than the highway a couple miles to the east.

Once in downtown Ludington, I picked a restaurant from the UrbanSpoon app on my phone: Jamesport Brewing Co. Don’t worry, I’m only having one 12oz. ESB with my sandwich. šŸ™‚


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