Thursday, 18th July 2013; 6:40 pm

There was a bit of a line to register for camping at Ludington State Park. While I was waiting my turn, the soft tar that passes for pavement in the parking lot melted in the heat and my bike tipped over. The word got passed along fron someone who saw it, and I heard it as I was finishing registration.

I ran back to my bike and picked it up. No major damage. Probably a quarter tank of gas leaked out, but fortunately not into the storage area with most of my clothes. The biggest problem is that the right brake handle is bent. Still usable, and the brake appears to be working fine, but the bend is noticeable. Unlike when I broke a brake handle four years ago, this is the important brake: the one that does most of the work.

I haven’t decided what to do.

I could continue as it is, with some additional risk. Or I could try to get it fixed. Or I could go home and call it off (for this year).

I have until 9am tomorrow (when the ferry leaves) to decide.


In other news, I thought I’d seen on a map that there was a road out to the Au Sable lighthouse, so I tried riding there after making camp. Turns out it’s a dirt/sand road that’s closed to traffic. I hiked part of the way (it’s two miles), but it was hot and I was sweaty, and I didn’t feel like going the whole way, so I turned back.

Analyzing the metaphor is left as an exercise for the reader.

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