Leelanau State Park night

Sunday, 9th August 2009; 9:46 pm - Location:

The surf abruptly picked up at 9:30pm. My original hopeful hypothesis was that a passing freighter had kicked it up. But after 5 minutes I had to conclude that it was probably something atmospheric on the other side of the Lake. Presumably coming this way. The forecast is pretty confident about rain tomorrow morning especially, so I have to take it as a presumed fact. Everything has to be water-secured tonight. Anything in the tent or under the rain fly is safe; I know that from experience on Isle Royale. The scooter’s pet carrier looks safe, but I haven’t tested that yet. For the rest, the rain cover I bought for my backpack (tested only for that use) and my raincoat, combined with placement up on the picnic table, will have to do.

Based on the forecast, tomorrow could be the most miserable day of the trip. Rain could certainly spoil what might otherwise be the most scenic day of the excursion, following the shore of Grand Traverse Bay. The forecast does hint that the chance of rain will be less in the afternoon (instead of just “rain” it says “rain likely”), so it could turn into another day of waiting out the weather.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Thanks for coloring in the counties as you go. It’s a nice added touch.