Ludington morning

Sunday, 9th August 2009; 8:50 am - Location:

I slept OK last night. The hard ground just doesn’t offer a chronic toss-and-turner like me too many comfortable options. It rained, but sporadically and not hard. It was very windy though, rustling the trees loudly. Fortunately I was protected from that by the dunes; the air was still down at ground level.

Today’s supposed to be hot with heat indexes close to 100F. And scattered showers. But it’s nice so far, not too hot, breezy, and partly cloudy.

I rode south back into the city along the shore before turning around to go around the inland lake and continue northward.

One Response to “Ludington morning”

  1. Charlie says:

    Good Luck today! Today, I believe, is supposed to be the hottest of the week. Keep taking your liquids!