My photos are gone

Wednesday, 17th August 2011; 7:03 pm

As before, I brought two cameras on this trip: the iPhone, primarily for taking pictures for the blog, and my “real” camera, an Olympus with an optical zoom lens, etc. for the better pictures: the nature shots, the ones that require zooming in, and so on. Only one of cameras worked properly: the iPhone.

The Olympus glitched yesterday afternoon and briefly showed the memory card as blank. I restarted the camera, and the pictures were back, but I switched memory cards, just to be safe. Well, now I can’t read the first memory card at all, either in the camera, or with my computer. Looks like those pictures are gone. This isn’t as heartbreaking as it would have been to lose my “good” pictures from the previous years’ two trips. Those trips were more about going to scenic and photogenic places, where I took hundreds of pictures instead of the maybe 100 that I lost on this trip. But it’s still really frustrating. At least I still have the few dozen photos I took with the iPhone, and a handful that I took on the second memory card, today.

Perhaps what’s saddest is the fact that this sort of thing just doesn’t surprise me any more. I never expect it to happen, I hope for things to work out. But they don’t.

UPDATE: I’ve managed to recover some of the files from the zapped memory card. Most of them have errors/garbage in the recovered files, so they aren’t very usable, except for reminding me of what they were images of.

2 Responses to “My photos are gone”

  1. Taj says:

    Sorry about your photos and your trip being cut short. Enjoyed reading about your adventure.

  2. Mom says:

    Again, welcome home.