Port Crescent

Tuesday, 20th July 2010; 8:37 am - Location:

When I explained to the park ranger at Sleeper what I was doing, she asked if I was stopping at Port Crescent. It seemed an odd question since it’s just a few miles from Sleeper: kind of a short day’s ride. But she meant just for a stop, and I took her at her suggestion.

Nothing against Sleeper, but this is a good argument for not picking campgrounds based primarily on math. I went with Sleeper because that made yesterday’s ride a little shorter and today’s a little longer: more even. But this is a much nicer park, for my uses. The day use area isn’t just a beach, but a big lakeshore nature preserve. There’s a birdwatching platform (new) with a great view of the lakeshore/dune ecosystem.

Sleeper was a good place to spend the night. Port Crescent would have been a good place to spend the day.

3 Responses to “Port Crescent”

  1. carl ver beek says:

    Your comment about not planning by math reminds me of your trip to England which was planned with a flat map.

    We also found that the unplanned places are often the best if you get good local advice.

    Hope you are dry

  2. Sandra VerBeek says:

    I too remember that England trip. It was a learning experience as are most of your adventures. Life-long learning is good! Stay with it.

  3. Todd says:

    Not only planned with a flat map, but also without ever pedaling those distances two days in a row. 🙂 But in my defense here, I did do more research for this trip than just looking at where things were on a map, and the campground at Port Crescent isn’t anything special. It’s the day-use areas that I didn’t look into. Also my advance selection of sites at the campgrounds have all been pretty good.