Presque Isle WI

Saturday, 26th July 2014; 11:20 am

Presque Isle WI is also not an island. Or near one. It’s near Presque Isle Lake, also on the Presque Isle River.


As I crossed into Wisconsin, if planned to take a short side trip that would take me a shirt distance into the corner of Iron County, just so could color it in. But County Road G turned out to be so damn nice that I road it for a couple miles before turning around. I’m in the Northern Highlands area, and it really is very beautiful: lots of trees and lakes.


One Response to “Presque Isle WI”

  1. MOM says:

    Too bad that so many people want to share the beauty of the North and then need to be so obnoxiously noisy. I hope the Badger ride will be quiet enough for you to get some sleep tonight. MOM