Where next?

Friday, 17th July 2009; 6:42 pm - Location:

I know this is getting ahead of myself, but I’ve been thinking about where I might go after riding around Lake Michigan to Wisconsin. I have a few ideas.

Michigan also has an east coast, along Lake Huron. Unless you count right at the Straits of Mackinac, I’ve never even seen Lake Huron, which is a bit wrong, I’d say. To remedy that, I could ride up the middle of the Lower Peninsula, down the Huron coast to Lake St Clair, then back home across the palm.

Although I’ve driven through some of it on the way to Isle Royale, there’s a big chunk of the western UP I’m missing on a scooter. I could take the Badger back to Wisconsin, then head north and west to explore the Porcupine mountains and environs, then take the Badger back.

There’s a whole stretch of territory in the “wrist” of the state, along the borders with Ohio and Indiana. That would be more about the travel than the scenery or destinations, but I could see that being worth it, working in a detour to Amish country in northern Indiana.

I’ve quickly mapped these routes and they leave out only about a dozen counties, which I could easily pick up on a ride up the fingers to the eastern UP and back down, also places worth going.

Any one of these trips would take me about a week, the same amount of time as the trip I currently have planned. They’d involve fairly little duplication of places visited. And the notion of visiting every county in the state over the next several years is kinda neat. Sounds like a goal.

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