From Door to my front door

Friday, 24th July 2015; 10:22 am

It was a little weird starting my pre-dawn ride home from Ludington after sun-up. On previous rides I’ve had the roads to myself at the outset, which has been nice. But traffic wasn’t too bad this morning, at least until I got to Muskegon during rush hour. (At least I didn’t have the dense fog of last time, which required me to ride 20mph with my hazard lights on due to visibility.)

I rode pretty much non-stop, pausing only for an occasional navigation reminder, and stopping for gas in NW Grand Rapids. It took me a little over three hours.

The house is just as I left it. The plants are a little droopy, and the fridge needs restocking. And I think I’m gonna do me some laundry.

One Response to “From Door to my front door”

  1. MOM says:

    Looking good!