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End of Lake Huron

Tuesday, 20th July 2010; 7:56 pm - Location:

I’m at the end of the road. Literally.

Riding from Mackinac down the coast of Lake Huron just didn’t feel complete unless I went all the way to the next lake: to Lake St Clair. That means taking the ferry to Harsen’s Island for the last several miles. I couldn’t go all the way to Land’s End, where you can see the St Clair River flow into Lake St Clair; that’s private property. But I rode far enough to see the lake, and that’s good enough for scooting.

The ride also gave me another sighting of a great blue heron. I had no idea when alluded to that bird when I kicked off the blog of this trip (“blue huron”) that ol’ crooked-neck would show up so many times. If I didn’t know better I’d start wondering if this were some kind of spirit quest or something.